The Storyteller

Prestige TV movie, French language​ – 92’ – Upcoming release
Nominated for Best TV Film at the Festival de la Fiction de La Rochelle 2023

Festival de la fiction, sélection officielle 2023


After the release of The Life Before Us, Romain Gary has his little cousin Paul Pavlowitch play the role of the author Émile Ajar. The press, the publishers, the readers... everyone is fooled. Well, nearly everyone. Adèle, a student in literature at La Sorbonne, from Nice (where Gary spent some of his childhood), is convinced that Émile Ajar and Romain Gary are one and the same writer. She goes to confront Gary. Will she expose him? Or will the enchanter manage to take her away in his illusion?​


France Télévisions


Maria Pourchet and François-Henri Désérable


Philippe Lefebvre


Charles Berling

Claire de La Rüe du Can

Miranda Raison

Pierre Perrier

Anne Charrier

Gaspard Meier-Chaurand

Philippine Delaire

The Storyteller